Photo of the Day: What will Jim Carrey look like as the Joker?

There have been rumors on the web for years that Jim Carrey could be the next Joker. And although the director of the supervillain movie only saw Joaquin Phoenix in the role and talked him into it for three months, fans of the franchise have their own opinions. As it turns out, most fans believe that Joaquin’s place can be taken by Jim Carrey, and to prove it, they used a neural network to create a portrait of the actor as the Joker.

Note that users have previously introduced the comedy actor in the role of the Joker. For example, in 2019, youtuber Muhammad XAchraf published a new DeepFake video on his channel, in which he replaced the face of Joaquin Phoenix with Jim Carrey in “The Joker.” It’s a scene in which Arthur sees his idol being mocked for his awkward standup performance.

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