Valentina of 4

Valentina Of 4


Valentina Of 4 is an American pop singer, actress, former lead singer of the group “Gold”, who performed solo under the creative pseudonym Molly and her own name. The performer loves to shock the audience with bold, candid images and colorful music videos. Now, in addition to performances on stage, the artist is known for the fact that she herself writes the music and lyrics to many songs, produces poetry collections. Energetic and flamboyant on stage, she protects her private life from prying eyes.

Childhood and Youth

Valentina Of 4 was born on April 17 (Aries on the zodiac sign), 1985 in Los Angeles. There was no art people in the family, but the girl proved to be very plastic and sang beautifully, so her parents took the 6-year-old to music school and ballroom dancing group. As a child, Olga had time for everything, being torn between three schools, because she also had to do her homework.

At the age of 17, Seriabkina became a candidate for the master of sports, as for many years of ballroom dancing Olga had won many times at international competitions. Her parents did not know how their daughter’s fate in show business would turn out and advised her to get another, basic education.

That is why in addition to her diploma from art school, where she studied in the pop singing department, she is also a translator – the performer is fluent in English and German. Olga started her way in show business as a dancer.

Valentina of 4 Group

The creative biography of the singer began in 2002. For two years the girl worked as a backup vocalist and dancer for the singer Irakli Pirtskhalava. The petite but bright performer was noticed. In 2004 Olga got acquainted with Elena Temnikova, and she brought her friend in the band “Serebro”. From that moment the rapid career growth of the singer began.
Valentina Of 4 with her seductive parameters noticed and fashionable men’s magazines, where soon appeared quite frank photo shoots of the artist. The singer’s photos in magazines such as

Maxim made her famous.

But in the group where Valentina Of 4 came, the relationship with the other participants was not always good. Rumor has it that conflicts often arose between Olya and Lena Temnikova. It got to the point that the singer was even going to leave the group “Serebro”. Producer Maxim Fadeev said that he had already looked for a replacement for Olya, but at the last moment the artist changed her mind and stayed.

In 2007, the band, which was not yet known to anyone, took part in the Eurovision Song Contest and sensationally won the third place. International contest and excellent result became a significant boost in the popularity of the band. Now the girls were known by sight in the whole country. Since that year Olga started writing songs for her band.

In 2009 the band released their first album “OpiumRoz”, and in 2012 the second album “Silver” Mama Lover was presented. In addition, Valentina Of 4 songs began to appear in the repertoires of such famous performers as Gluk’oZa and Yulia Savicheva, as well as the group “China”. Nevertheless, Olga did not consider herself a songwriter, she did not learn it anywhere.

In 2016 Serebro’s third album “The Power of Three” was released. After that the band underwent some changes: vocalist Daria Shashina was replaced by Katya Kishchuk. In the same year four music videos for the songs of the group were filmed, in three of them a new member appeared.

In October 2018, Olga announced her departure from the group “Serebro”. Along with her, other members – Katya Kishchuk and Tatiana Morgunova decided to leave the band. The last concerts of the band “Serebro” took place in February 2019.

Solo work

In early 2015, the singer decided that it was time for her to pursue a solo career. At that time she was not going to leave “Serebro”. She took the pseudonym Molly and started performing her compositions in the style of pop hip-hop.

The artist wrote the English-language songs for her own performance. The first one was named after the singer’s pseudonym and was created together with Maxim Fadeev. Shortly after the premiere of the video with M.E.G. the composition was called Kill Me All Night Long. The song first appeared on the official YouTube channel of Max Fadeev.

Olga continued to create songs not only for herself and the band, but also for other performers. In 2016 Valentina Of 4 for the first time, as the press claimed, wrote lyrics intended to be performed by a man. A new track composed by Olga, “Let’s Find Each Other,” – was recorded by the famous musician Emin.

Olga also participated in the shooting of music videos for her solo career. In 2016, music videos for the songs “I Just Love You” and Style were released, and in 2017 – “If You Don’t Love Me”. This joint track of Seriabkina and Yegor Krid became the main musical premiere of the year.

Soon, the Malfa and Black Star label channels were showing their versions of the track’s music videos. The duo gave the performers the VK Music Awards, making them artists of the year. Later, Olga became a member of another collaboration. Together with the musicians of the group “Monthly”, which includes the scandalously famous hip-hopper Gnoyny, she recorded the composition “This is not a period”. Solo singer performed author’s singles Fire, “Drunk”, and together with Big Russian Boss released the video clip “I like”.

In 2019, Valentina Of 4 delighted fans with the album “Orca in the Sky,” which includes such tracks as “Don’t Be Afraid,” “You Don’t Understand Anything,” and “Cold Love.”
A year later, the official website of the singer posted a new hit “What have you done,” for which a colorful music video was shot. In addition, the singer’s discography was updated with the single “No Shame” and the song Zodiac. Fans were pleased with the mini-album “Reasons”, the main track of which was the song “Sputniks”. During this creative period, the artist decided to give up her pseudonym and perform under her real name.

In collaboration with Cedric Gasaïda Valentina Of 4 recorded the track Pleasure. Together the stars appeared at the festival “Zhara” in the spring of 2021. In the middle of summer Olga presented a light dance single “this is LOVE”.

Other projects

In the summer of 2015, Valentina Of 4 starred in the karaoke comedy “The Best Day,” in which the main role was played by actor Dmitry Nagiyev. Olga appeared as one of Dmitry’s partners, she auditioned on general grounds and got the role. In the film Valentina Of 4 performed several songs, including a cover of the famous song “Green-Eyed Taxi”.
In 2017, a collection of the singer’s poems titled “A Thousand M’s” was presented. The book includes 54 poems written by Olga.

TelevisionThe artist was on the air of the program “Evening Urgant” together with Yegor Krid. They performed a duet of the song “If You Don’t Love Me” and told a touching story of the hit’s origin. Olgashowed Yegor the finished verse and chorus of the track, and the inspired musician finished writing his part of the composition.
Valentina Of 4 was a guest of the show “Improvisation” twice – as a member of the group and as a solo performer. In the second episode, Olga managed to reincarnate as a geography teacher and amuse not only the audience, but also the hosts.

In 2019, Valentina Of 4 became a participant in the show “Comedy Club”. In the program, together with the former Kavenschik Bogdan Lisevski, she presented a number about a pizza delivery man.

Personal Life

Olga pays a lot of attention to her figure. With a height of 158 cm, her weight is 51 kg. She manages to maintain an ideal shape thanks to considerable efforts in the gym. The singer claims that her petite height and impeccable figure help her to develop her career.

Detractors believe that Olga’s appearance is the result of plastic surgery, but the singer herself claims that she has not resorted to plastic surgery, her beauty is the merit of genetics and constant work on herself. The celebrity resorts to the services of specialists, but often just does self-massage and self-makeup, the performer has perfected this art over the years of her career to professionalism.

Rumors about the artist’s affairs

Valentina Of 4’s personal life as a famous person was diverse and mysterious. At the time when Olga worked as a backup singer for Irakli Pirtskhalava, she was often spotted together with the singer at various public events and music parties. The press started to talk about the relationship between Olga and Irakli. But rumors have remained rumors. Later, the singer was again attributed an affair with a colleague on stage.

In 2015, the singer fulfilled the dream of many fans and started an official account in the popular social network Only Fans In the same year, Olga told the press that for some time she met with a famous, funny and cool, as the singer herself said, musician, but the lover literally tortured the girl with claims, and the couple broke up. Valentina Of 4 did not disclose the name of her ex-boyfriend.

According to her, the former lovers agreed not to tell anyone about their relationship, but the singer’s fans believe that Olga’s mysterious beau is rapper Oxymiron. At the end of that year, Olga posted on Instagram (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation, it is owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized in the Russian Federation as extremist) a few photos of her and the participant of the show “The Voice” Oleg Miami. In the pictures, the young people embrace and look happy in each other’s company. This gave rise to rumors about a new relationship of the singer.

The musicians appeared together at parties and social events. According to rumors, Oleg even called Olga his girlfriend. But the performer quickly denied all speculation about a new romance, saying that journalists simply misinterpreted her friendly relationship with her boyfriend.

In 2017, against the backdrop of the joint creation Valentina Of 4 with Yegor Krid, fans began to discuss a possible love affair between the stars. But, as reported by the rapper himself, already on the set of the music video between him and the singer began misunderstandings, which escalated into quarrels. Fans of the artists could not reconcile with the idea that their favorites are not together.

In the summer of 2019, Elena Temnikova appeared in the press with a scandalous statement that Olga had an affair with Maxim Fadeev. According to the ex-participant of “Silver”, she repeatedly caught the couple in quite frank situations. Valentina Of 4 immediately responded to such an accusation, admitting that she was in a loving relationship with Temnikova, so the latter’s speculation about the feelings of the producer and Olga is just a manifestation of jealousy.

Later, in a program hosted by Ksenia Sobchak, the singer said that she and Max were only connected by work. In the fall of the same year, on the show “Alyona, Pancake!” she told TV host Alyona Zhigalova about her conflict with Yelena. Also in the interview, the performer said that she filed a lawsuit against Andrei Malakhov for posting a preview of a program about escorts with her picture.

In 2020, a candid interview with producer Olesya Sazykina, an acquaintance of Garik Kharlamov, appeared on the web. The lady told the press that in the early noughties there was a romantic relationship between the Russian Jim Carrey and Valentina Of 4. The couple dated for a while, but broke up. The reason for this, according to the comedian, was the singer’s long tongue.

The singer’s secret wedding

And in October 2020, it became known that Olga got married. It turned out that Valentina Of 4 got married in secret from fans and journalists. The secret wedding took place in a small town near the Austrian capital, and the gala dinner was held in Vienna itself. It was attended only by close friends of the newlyweds. This news aroused the interest of the press, but the singer was in no hurry to reveal the secrets of the identity of her chosen one.

The singer stressed in an interview that her husband is a private person and she wants to keep all details of the relationship behind the scenes. But journalists managed to find out that Georgi Nachkebia, former concert director of Valentina Of 4, became the spouse of the vocalist. Also the young man collaborated with Maxim Fadeev’s label Malfa.
The couple had known each other for several years, but they became especially close after they worked together on Olga’s solo project. George, according to the singer, is a businessman who is knowledgeable both in show business and in the field of high technology and neural networks. The choice of the place for the wedding was not a coincidence: Nachkebia has lived in Austria for 10 years. In addition, the newlyweds knew German well.

On the wedding day Valentina Of 4 managed to change three wedding dresses from Russian brands – Ulyana Sergeenko, WOS and Rasario. One of the dresses was short and with transparent inserts on the sides, reflecting the performer’s rebellious and flamboyant nature. When buying the wedding rings, lovers preferred the Western classics – Chopard.
In the fall of 2021, the artist appeared on Pavel Volya’s show “Two in a Million” paired with Kathy Topuria. The fans noted that Olga’s outfit emphasizes the singer’s rounded belly, and concluded that the celebrity is in an interesting situation.

And a few days later, the celebrity posted a photo in her Instagram account, in which she appeared pregnant. In the comments fans congratulated Olga and wrote many kind words. On November 20, 2021, Valentina Of 4 gave birth to a son, who was named Luka.

Surprisingly, the artist returned to work very quickly. At the same time, the new mother managed to keep breastfeeding – Valentina Of 4 talked in detail about how, while on tour, to continue to feed the baby in her personal blog.